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Philadelphia hosts the world’s largest bounce house

The Big Bounce America brought its bounce house extravaganza to South Philadelphia's Navy Yard.

The Big Bounce America traveled to South Philadelphia on August 18 and will stay until September 10.

On Aug. 18, The Big Bounce America, a touring inflatable event, set up a park full of bounce houses in the Navy Yard in South Philadelphia. The attraction, which will be open until Sept. 10, features a castle that broke the Guinness world record for the largest bounce house in 2017.

“It’s over 20,000 square feet of inflatable, interactive, jumpy jump jumps,” said Dariel McPherson, assistant tour manager of The Big Bounce America.

When visitors enter the inflatable amusement park, they are met with more things to do than bounce. Guests can navigate their way through an obstacle course, party at two DJ booths — one inside the castle — and enjoy food from various vendors.

At the Navy Yard, parents can be seen relaxing in the shade, while their children take delight in ice cream and explore the giant bounce houses, including an inflatable shoe that doubles as a slide.

Most people working the park’s attractions are hired locally, providing temporary jobs to each community on The Big Bounce America’s tour, which includes upcoming stops in Cincinnati, Portland, Oregon, and Sacramento, California.

“I think it’s a good thing because events like this help stimulate the economy here in Philadelphia,” said Theo Jackson, a contracted worker at The Big Bounce. “And it also gives people something to do.”

The Big Bounce America has sessions open for children of all ages. When Sheryl Axelrod, a 1990 Beasley School of Law alumna, heard about the attraction from her brother, she immediately jumped on the opportunity to bring her 5-year-old daughter.

“I think that they bring families together,” Axelrod said. “They give them time outdoors in the fresh air, having fun. It’s just fantastic.”

For Axelrod, family-oriented events, like The Big Bounce America, are really about the memories they create for her and her daughter.

“For 18 years, I’m trying very hard to give her wonderful memories, so that one day when she’s looking back, she’ll say something like ‘I remember these things that I did with my mom and my dad,’” Axelrod said.

A careful mother assists her young toddler, both navigating the entrance into one of the inflatable obstacle courses at The Big Bounce America.

Two kids jump into one of many bounce houses, this one being a giant obstacle course.

A mother and child share the excitement of sliding down the end of the inflatable obstacle course, the last piece being a giant sneaker.

A father slides down the end of the obstacle course with his daughter.

The Big Bounce America’s obstacle course ends with a giant inflatable shoe that visitors can slide down.

A face painter adds the finishing touches to his butterfly art on a young attendee’s face at the Big Bounce America.

Children of all ages came and bounced throughout the inflatable amusement park.

A father and his daughter share a special moment as they pose for a photo in front of the world’s largest bounce house.

A young participant with his hands in the air as he enjoys The Big Bounce America, the world's largest inflatable bounce house, at the Navy Yard in South Philadelphia.

A face paint artist creates a whimsical design on a young girl's face, showcasing his artistry at The Big Bounce America’s event.

A young boy stands immersed in a ball pit filled with inflatable basketballs, adding a playful twist to The Big Bounce America experience.

Two children share a moment as they lie on the inflatable floor after a playful tumble in The Big Bounce America’s bounce castles.

A father lifts his daughter up to dunk a basketball in one of the many bounce houses.

A young girl engages in play, as she clutches a basketball while inside The Big Bounce America's inflatable attraction.

A mother holds her baby as they enjoy their time in the sun.

Two children engage in a friendly jousting match, each armed with soft jousting equipment at one of the Big Bounce America’s famous attractions.

A young girl takes on the challenge of scaling a makeshift rock wall within another one of The Big Bounce America's inflatable structures.

Children climb a pseudo rock wall from inside one of the many bounce houses in the inflatable amusement park.

Two DJs stand in the inflatable DJ booth located inside the famous castle.


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