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Cherelle Parker: The Final Push

In the final two weeks of her mayoral campaign, I documented newly elected mayor of Philadelphia Cherelle Parker at a couple of events.

Cherelle Parker at a campaigning event held at Temple University's Liacouras Center. Both Parker and Republican candidate David Oh answered questions from the North Philadelphia audience in an effort to appeal to them.

Early November is the end of the campaigning season, when candidates make their final push to influence voters in their favor. In Philadelphia, counselwoman Cherelle Parker embarked on the final leg of her journey towards becoming Philadelphia's 100th mayor. In this pivotal moment, the spotlight is on the democratic nominee, as she attempts to sway some more voters in her favor.

Cherelle Parker attended the “Our Vote, Our Future” Mayoral Forum held at the Liacouras Center in North Philadelphia. Members of the North Philadelphia community attended to ask both her and Republican candidate David Oh questions about their plans to improve Philadelphia, including questions about the new arena and their plans to mitigate violence.

Two days before Election Day, Cherelle Parker held a free watch party for the Philadelphia Eagles primetime matchup against the Dallas Cowboys.

At her Cowboys vs. Eagles watch party, Cherelle Parker offered free food for all who attended. Food options included popular tailgate options, such as hot dogs and hamburgers.

For the watch party, Parker hired many local residents to work the event, including this young man who was hired to serve attendees the free food that Parker provided.

People throughout the venue were seen sporting “TEAM CHERELLE” gear, including hoodies, t-shirts, and hats.

The event had an overabundance of food to ensure that anyone who attended had the opportunity to grab a plate.

In a sea of Eagles fans, there still sat this one Cowboys fan who wanted to enjoy the watch party, support Cherelle Parker, and support their favorite team.

Eagles fans throughout the venue cheer as the Eagles score a touchdown. The Eagles used the infamous play, the “Tush Push,” to score. Many Philadelphia fans have grown to fall in love with the “Tush Push,” though almost no other NFL is a fan.

Among the local hires for the event was the DJ and emcee, who provided music, narration, and jokes to everyone who attended. The DJ also sported a backwards green Eagles cap in support of the Philadelphia football team.

The outside of Blue Bell was decorated with signs saying “Vote November 7th… Cherelle Parker for Mayor” in large text, also including her website under the text.

Also hung up outside are “Cherelle Parker 2023… for mayor” signs, with a large picture of Parker’s face. This along with the aforementioned sign were plastered around the outside and throughout the inside of the restaurant and bar.

As soon as she arrived, Cherelle Parker took the time to pose for selfies with almost everyone she came across. She even addressed many of the supporters throughout the bar and restaurant by name.

Parker sported a Kelly Green blazer over a darker green shirt, along with a midnight green Eagles cap in support of the hometown NFL team.

Parker ensured that she had a personal conversation with everyone she came across, addressing them by name, bringing up past conversations, and looking them in the eye and getting close to them.

Parker spoke on the microphone twice, once in the restaurant and another in the bar. In the restaurant, she spoke about her idea of “One Philly,” a concept where all Philadelphians, no matter their background or who they voted for, work together and do their part to improve the city.

During her speech, many people throughout the crowd had there cameras up recording Parker.

Parker is known for her strong speech, which is seen by many as much “realer” than that of the average politician. Parker is seen here speaking with passion, trying to make sure that her message gets across to anyone listening

"When you see me at my finest, doing my work, I want you to know it's not just because I'm so great; it's because I had good training, from good teachers, and I stand on the shoulders of women... who made it possible for me to be here," said Parker, as she spoke to the crowd of supporters.

Parker is seen here posing with a group of women from the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, also known as the “Philly Zetas.” The Philly Zetas all stood out as they sported their royal blue gear rather than Eagles gear or Cherelle Parker campaign gear.

After speaking in the restaurant, Parker moved to the bar area where she thanked everyone for attending and thanked the owner for allowing her to host the event at her restaurant and bar.

Parker thanked Bleu Brook owner Theresa Thornton for supporting Parker and her campaign from the beginning, stating that Bleu Brook also hosted the event where Parker officially announced her campaign. Parker emphasized to all visitors how important it is to stick with those who supported you from the very beginning.



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